Acta Divina is a blog created by a team of part-time para-therapists who strongly believe in the human need to express emotion. Everyday, in our hectic lives we are expected to do more and more and work like robots to achieve our goals. Success is said to quench our throats and we have to get ourselves ahead in the game of life or rat race in order to be comfortable with ourselves. We sacrifice our friends, families, emotions and ourselves to reach the goals that may seem unattainable.

As a result of the pursuit of so called¬†‘success’, we miss the ability to think, feel and enjoy ourselves in the moment. Once we understand that we have been chasing a false hope of a diorama¬†all along, we are way too late into the race and we may already be past our expiry dates. This is what many of us have seen in the people that we work with and the people we speak with everyday.

To be human is not to be a machine, but to be a feeling, sensible human being. We were put into this world to enjoy the fruits of our labor.

It is our hope that this blog allows you to think the same as us, as well.