I assume it is truly ironic that when we speak about piracy in Nigeria, all we ever discuss are the marketing professionals in markets like Alaba as well as in other places. To nearly everyone in the Nigerian music industry, entertainment authors and even the government, music piracy seems to start as well as finish with the neighborhood online marketers in the retail markets that reproduce individuals’s tracks without paying any type of aristocracies to the musicians. Nothing can be additionally from the reality!

As an ardent fan of the industry and a stakeholder who has spent millions in the jobs of numerous artists in the last 2 years, I feel that we have all allowed ourselves to feed into the false trail as well as misdirection on piracy that are most likely substantiated of lack of knowledge, worry or plain fraud by our leaders in this fight.

As we can all testify to, radio terminals are a large component of our home entertainment and music life in Nigeria. With over 300 radio terminals blowing up songs 24-hours a day, I continuously be perplexed that we are bothering with royalties from Alaba when the actual cash should be gone after at the radio as well as television stations. Afterall, the regulation is really clear that aristocracies REQUIREMENT be paid to the different copyright owners every-time music is used air.

Radio terminals by definition are major consumers of musical jobs. The programs of a lot of radio stations is over 90% songs. The important things they are selling to the general public is songs. Listeners listen to stations like Rhythm F.M. Wazobia, Classic FM, Eko FM, Motivation FM etc primarily to pay attention to songs. Organisations and ad business likewise market on radio terminals because they are reaching their target market with music.

Radio Stations will pass away over night without music to play for their listeners. For us to understand the important part of music to radio terminals, attempt and imagine a Rhythm FM, Classic FM, Raypower or Wazobia FM without playing songs for only one month. I ensure you they will ALL run out business long before then. What efforts are being made by these terminals to pay the appropriate nobilities to those who utilize their abilities and sources to create this music?

Currently the paradox of it all is that while these radio stations budget plan billions of Naira every year for salaries, gas, transport, fixings, devices etc, they barely point out repayment of aristocracies to the regional artists in their budgetary allocations. If they did, the artists aren’t sure concerning it or have not felt it.

I believe the time is appropriate for us to publicly challenge these radio stations on just how much they invest as operating expenses each year and what percentage of that goes into spending for the most significant resources(i.e songs) they have been utilizing to prepare their programming.

For those who may still need a context to recognize exactly how big this ignored elephant is, I will certainly offer the instance of a Cars And Truck DEALER. The main thing the automobile dealer offers is autos. Currently, picture an Auto car dealership preparing a budget for the year with no budget for purchase of automobiles! Or imagine a stylist shop preparing an allocate the year without giving any kind of spending plan to obtain apparel material.

Or much better still, visualize a newspaper business intending a spending plan without attending to purchase of newsprint. That is what is going on in the boardrooms of a lot of radio terminals all over Nigeria. They simply take the songs for approved merely since the majority of our artists are oblivious and also determined for their music to be played.

So, the repayment of nobilities for music used radio stations stayed a huge elephant in the radio space that we have actually disregarded for many years in this country and also I think it is time that someone begins resolving this gigantic elephant if we are ever before going to have equity and fairness in this nation.

While the fight against Alaba pirates is certainly an excellent one, I think an even more gratifying war on piracy should be stated against radio stations and also music-based TELEVISION programs in 2011. This battle is a much better defend artistes and gathering cultures since the possibilities of winning and making money is much greater than dealing with phantoms and vicious faceless alaba pirates that no person can seem to recognize. Radio Stations on the other hand, have names and they have recognizable proprietors.

Radio terminals are managed by the federal government that could urge them to do the ideal point. Radio stations are physical entities that can be picketed and boycotted. So, why are we leaving the elephant unfed in the radio rooms while we go after ghosts in Alaba? I think resources of the govt, artists, attorneys and gathering cultures should be concentrated on the radio terminals and music-tv programs in 201. We stand a far better chance of winning that battle!

So, I recommend that as opposed to Chief Tony Okoroji of COSON as well as Mr Mayo Ayilaran of MCSN tearing each other apart on the problem of who should be collecting nobilities, they must collaborate making sure our radio stations feed the huge elephant in the radio areas across the nation.

I also recommend that if the brand-new NIGERIAN COPYRIGHT COMPENSATION wants to compose his name in history, he ought to ‘get in’ the radio rooms throughout the country with proper laws and need that the elephant of nobilities to Nigerian artists ought to be fed …

Of course, I comprehend a lot of the big names in the music market are as well worried to face the radio terminals and need justice due to their practical concern that their artistes may be blacklisted by these radio stations but I believe this battle can be depersonalized if the WHOLE market participates the fight with a concerted effort utilizing all legal methods at our disposal consisting of equipment of state, Court Actions, Boycotts, Sit-ins and Picketing of any kind of terminal that chose not to do the best point …

Barrister Ope Banwo is a Business Owner, Attorney, Business Expert, Author, Motivational Audio Speaker, Enjoyment Executive and Corporate Solutions Carrier. He holds a Degree in Law from University of Ife (currently Obafemi Awolowo University) in 1985, was admitted to the Nigerian Bar in 1986 and also a Masters Level in Legislation From University of Lagos (1989 ). He was also admitted to the New York Bar (1997) and also Federal Court of Nebraska in the U.S.A. in 1997.

As an author, Ope Banwo has actually written 8 released publications on different subjects for many years consisting of bestsellers such as The Kingdompreneur, Overcoming The Gideon Facility, The Kingdom Resident, The Return of The Wanton and also True Blessings of Difficulty. He has offered different position papers and worked as a resource individual at many business seminars, workshops as well as conferences over the last 25 years.

Ope Banwo began in the business globe as an Administration Trainee with Arthur Anderson as well as Carbon Monoxide in 1989 and also swiftly increased to become CEO of a International Funding Group, a PLC firm within 4 years after that. As an Organisation executive Ope Banwo has served at the greatest business levels for more than 19 years.

As an options service provider, Ope Banwo has given cutting side remedies to numerous industries consisting of Legislation, Enjoyment and Air travel. He is the pioneer of a number of initiatives in the show business including the Fanbook Concept, Star Books as well as different methods to advertising and marketing as well as circulation. As the Pioneer CEO of Dove Media, he was the first to introduce media circulation through Junk food Outlets as well as Article offices in Nigeria among lots of us. Find out more latest naija gist.

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